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We believe that everyone can learn psychology, regardless of education. That is why we organize our courses, so they are understandable and exciting for everyone.

We take a reverent approach to learning and selecting topics for our master classes and courses. These are always only the most relevant topics. To make the process exciting and valuable, we have recruited the best practicing psychologists who not only know the theory perfectly because many have been teaching at universities for a long time but also practitioners and masters of their profession.

All our online classes are live webinars where you can always ask questions. Those who are unable to attend will be provided with a recording.
We are proud that we have created one of the best schools of practical psychology by continually improving the quality of our courses, excellent support, and reasonable prices.
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We invite you to join our free online webinars and hands-on sessions. After joining us, you can get familiar with the chosen topic and learn more about our seasoned experts. In addition, our experienced experts are always ready to answer all your questions at the end of the webinar.

We carefully and thoroughly choose webinar topics to make them exciting and relevant.

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Healing maternal trauma
Leading a psychological group
Therapy of acceptance and responsibility
Basic course
Psychotherapy for co-dependent relationships
Advanced course
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Healing maternal trauma

Leading a psychological group

Therapy of acceptance and responsibility

Basic course

Psychotherapy for co-dependent relationships

Advanced course

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Our experts
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Our team comprises qualified psychologists ready to share their priceless knowledge and experience.
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Such elements as passion and dedication to our work are our main qualities. Furthermore, we firmly believe that every applied psychologist has a unique way of professional development while acquiring efficient skills and knowledge that work and help their clients. This is why we invite applied psychologists from different fields who are ready to share their invaluable practical experience with our audience.

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What do our students say about us?
Tatiana Gennadyevna Uryvchikova!
Thank you for the course!
Thank you for the exciting and valuable materials for the lectures and for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. Reasonably arranged and structured in the lessons, they allowed us, the specialists, not only to systematize the already available information on the subject but also to multiply it, gaining a lot of new things. Your work is precious and essential. You are good!

Initially, the primary motivation for registering for the advanced training course was, first, the desire to increase my expertise in the topic, which today in our region - in Donbas, is still considered quite relevant and one of the priorities in the work of psychologists. And further, one of the factors that indeed disposed to the training was our acquaintance with you, your teaching style, and your empathic interaction with the listeners who responded to us.
Further success in your work! And - health and happiness! Take care of yourself!
Inna Vasilyevna Koval
What do our students say about us?
I want to thank the author and presenter of the course "Oedipal Conflict: Meanings, Connections, Problems, and Solutions," Tatiana Alexandrova, for the opportunity to get acquainted and deeply understand this challenging topic! I decided to take part in this course because this topic is one of the fundamental ones for understanding cause-and-effect relationships in psychology. Now I understand the causes and mechanisms of many phenomena in the social manifestation of people, actual needs, drives, and motives of their behavior. The course material was complex for me, and some points are still being "unpacked." But those realizations I have received are enough to enrich and expand my picture of the world. I understood the importance of timely passing the Oedipal stage for the adequate formation of gender identity, such concepts as "law" hierarchy for successfully realizing psychophysiological functions and socialization of a person. The most significant for me was the final session, where all participants shared their realizations, and I could relate my perceptions and feelings to the point of view of other colleagues, as well as the moment of supervision when we were asked to trace our feelings and sensations about the client's story. I recommend this course to all psychologists of different modalities, as, in my opinion, it is a necessary basis for our profession; and also to everyone who wants to understand the mysteries of the human psyche, to understand the laws according to which the hierarchy of our existence is organized.
Natalia Nikonova
What do our students say about us?
I liked the course "Pathogenetic Art Therapy of Psychosomatic Disorders" very much. I can recommend it as a client course; it helps to understand my feelings to work through my experiences deeply, thoughtfully, and at the same time gently and without tears. I also highly recommend it to fellow psychologists. An excellent combination of theory and practice, working in subgroups and at the same time with the participation of the presenter. Beautiful, intelligent, subtle, profound, and friendly Svetlana Anatolievna! Thank you! What was essential for me to be a scientifically based approach, many explanations, there were meetings-supervisions. I want to take another course with Svetlana Anatolievna. I would happily retake this course—boundless ways of self-discovery and understanding. I liked that no "pluses" were promised for the review. So I write from the heart. Thank you for everything!
Anna Gordova
What do our students say about us?
Feedback on the course Neuro-Linguistic Psychotherapy.
NLP-T is the second course I have taken with Elena Sergeyevna (the first one was the same big, powerful, and excellent course "Gestalt Therapy"). I realized that I am ready and willing to listen to many more courses "performed" by Elena Sergeyevna. And I hope I will.
I am not a professional psychologist, but even to me, having a relatively small psychological base, this course was obvious, but at the same time immeasurably deep; it gave not only a general idea of this beautiful, soft, comfortable for both the client and the therapist, truly magical method of psychotherapeutic work - NLP, but also a whole set, I would even say a whole precious scattering of simple and effective techniques and, what is invaluable, a logical and consistent idea of the very structure of a psychotherapeutic session "in the spirit of NLP," and this structure of the session was thoroughly practiced in several hours of supervision sessions and, thanks to this practical workout, it was directly imprinted in the head, at least the goals and objectives of each of the stages and elements of the session became very clear.
I am delighted with how I spent these half years; I am even a little sorry that the course is over, and I look forward to continuing the NLP course and other courses from Elena Ulitova.
Olga Gorbunova
What do our students say about us?
I want to thank Natalia Priymachenko for an excellent course "Fundamentals of Transactional Analysis." I don't know when Natalia had time to do anything else, but she seemed to give her all to our group: an excellent teacher and a warm-hearted person. A vast (!!!) amount of rather complicated material was presented with a smile, efficiently and in simple language. To my great regret, in this course, I was not always able to attend the live lectures, but fortunately, I still have time to review them in the recordings, which I am sure I will do more than once because, I repeat, there is much material. I am thrilled to have been on this course and met Natalia. If possible, I will continue to buy her courses. I would also like to thank the whole school "World of Psychology," for the opportunity to learn from excellent teachers, affordable prices, and excellent organization. Thank you very much; good luck; I hope to see you again.
Elena Semyonova
What do our students say about us?
I want to thank WOP school for the opportunity to study such a miracle course!
I also want to thank Julia Itil from the bottom of my heart! The course "family counseling" left a lasting impression on me. I am new to the profession, so I discovered many new and beneficial things during the course. I signed up for the course to get more information about working with clients, but in the course came insights into my relationships, for which Julia is a great admirer! Julia is a miracle teacher! Easy to understand presentation of the material; all the classes were in one breath! It was exciting, functional, and high quality. A lot of additional materials after each lesson! Super! Julia, thank you from the bottom of my heart! I will come to your other courses!)

Prosperity to you!
Lyudmila Krivosheeva

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